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Patients for Patient Safety Canada/ Canadian Patient Safety Institute

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Patients for Patient Safety Canada/ Canadian Patient Safety Institute


Ioana’s portfolio is primarily focused on making care safer through patient engagement. After a decade of front line nursing, an MBA and another decade of  work in patient safety and patient engagement at Canadian and global levels, she knows what it takes to successfully engage patients, providers and leaders to improve safety. It is humble respect for patient experiences, a deep connection with the people we work with and aligning the passion and energy of partners.  
Some of Ioana’s accomplishments include the transformation of Patients for Patient Safety Canada from a community of patients to a globally recognized patient group, supporting the Canadian Patient Safety Institute in achieving the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Patient Safety and Patient Engagement designation, initiating and sustaining the Patient Engagement in Patient Safety Recognition Program. Ioana also led the development of some of CPSI’s most looked after resources: Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – a Canadian Guide, Patient Safety and Incident Management Toolkit, the Canadian Incident Analysis Framework, and Safe Surgery Saves Lives. Ioana also bring her business and evaluation expertise in shaping the CPSI corporate business processes and performance management.
Ioana holds an MBA from University of Alberta,  is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and Board Member of the Alberta Northwest Territory Chapter, is a Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Graduate, past member of Toastmasters International and now an instructor at the University of Alberta Pharmacy Speechcraft program.
Curiosity is the key driver of her life and career so she has a lot of fun exploring complex and diverse systems and situations. She enjoys all styles of music, films, books and loves learning about and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Ioana is an avid nature lover, gardener, hiker and environmentalist. As a Romanian-Canadian, she thinks of herself as a global citizen.