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I am active in Health systems Improvement from a local to national level. I have participated as a Patient Co-Investigator where I was fortunate to have co-authored a commentary in PMJ Spring '16. I am involved and enjoy prioritization research agenda setting, identification of future measures, as well as development and endorsement of measures. I serve on a well known Guidelines Committee as a public panel member. I am interested in Health Literacy, Multiple Chronic Conditions and Low Value Care research, Open Notes and the Choosing Wisely initiative and have experience in each area. I serve on WA States Health Care Authority Title XIX committee and as a Patient Advisor. I am interested in Medical Education with Patient Voice incorporated. Most recently I have reviewed or translated PCOR abstracts, I am also a PCORI West Ambassador. I have had the honor of assisting in a minor position in the process of planning for two large upcoming 2018 research conferences. More on community projects I have initiated and where my cvm is located: