Janice Tufte


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I am active in Health Systems Improvement Research from a local to national level. I participated as a Patient Co-Investigator where I was fortunate to have co-authored a commentary in PMJ Spring '16 and we have just published an Evaluation paper on the LINCC project in PMJ 18' Winter edition. I have been listed as a co author on more published papers. I am involved with and enjoy prioritization research agenda setting, endorsement of quality measures.
 I serve on a respected guidelines committee as a public panel member. I am interested in Health Literacy, Multiple Chronic Conditions, Low Value Care research, Open Notes and the Choosing Wisely Initiative, have experience in each subject. I serve on WA States Health Care Authority Title XIX Advisory committee as a Patient Advisor, also on Seattle King County's Health Care for the Homeless Governance Advisory Committee. 
 I am interested in Medical Education with Patient Voice incorporated. I have reviewed or translated PCOR abstracts, I also serve as a PCORI West Ambassador. I have had the honor of serving on the planning committees for two large 2018 research conferences, as well as reviewing hundreds of abstracts total for seven conferences overall. More on community projects I have initiated and where my cvm is located: