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    Mark your calendars now for 2 upcoming PFCC.Connect Informal Conversations:

    • July 18 1pmET/10amPT  Topic: Behavioral Health - Engaging Patients and Families
    There is a growing interest in addressing mental health, substance use disorder and other behavioral health challenges across the continuum. Innovative partnership models are being explored and are showing some promising results. There is a growing recognition that inviting, supporting, and encouraging participation of those with a lived experience is an important aspect of these efforts. How have you engaged individuals and their families in these efforts? What creative solutions are being explored in your organization, community or region? When have patients and families added a unique perspective and helped build coalitions and solutions? How have direct care strategies helped strengthen engagement of those receiving care? Come join a conversation that will explore these issues and uncover the best practices that you and your colleagues/partners have discovered. 
    • August 1 2pmET/11amPT  Topic:  Measurement: Tracking Patient and Family Engagement Activities and Outcomes
    Many organizations have engaged patients and families in direct care and as improvement partners. To build an evidence base for these partnerships and the advancement of PFCC, developing a measurement strategy is essential. What has your organization found to be most useful? How has your PFAC and PFAs contributed or been involved in measuring change and improvement? Do you use Annual Reports to document results? When and where are results shared and with whom? Are there topics or areas that you have found challenging to measure? What advice might you give an organization just starting out in this journey about the significance and impact of documenting the power of partnerships? Please join the conversation and share your successes and challenges with your peers as we delve into this important topic.