• Upcoming PFCC.Connect Conversation: Improving Organizational Websites

    PFCC.Connect Informal Conversation: Improving Organizational Websites to Support Partnerships with Patients and Families

    May 26, 2022

    12 pm ET

    Websites are the public “faces” of hospitals and health systems but often they do not communicate messages that are patient- and family-centered nor are they “user-friendly.”


    Please join us for this Informal Conversation to share ideas about (1) re-designing websites that communicate the messages you want, (2) involving patients and families in that process, and (3) collaborating effectively with your organization’s Marketing/Communications Department.

    These informal conversations are participatory in nature, building on the interest, experience, and expertise of those who join the discussion We do not do a formal presentation but rather let the conversation be guided by what participants want to learn through sharing our collective experiences. Bev Johnson, President and CEO, Deborah Dokken, Coordinator for Patient and Family Partnerships, and Ushma Patel, Director for Special Projects & Educational Programs will facilitate the discussion.