• PFCC.Connect Conversation: Exploring Online Engagement Learnings Oct. 13 noon ET

    Join us for the next PFCC.Connect Conversation on Wednesday, October 13th at noon ET.  Exploring Online Engagement Learnings

    This month’s informal conversation will focus on the varied experiences of participants engaging in the virtual world. We invite you to share your experiences in virtual care (i.e. telehealth), as well as educational programming such as Conferences, webinars, and workshops. In addition, we will explore the specific ways that you are maintaining a connection with patient and family advisors, as well as the community.
  • Community Catalyst 2021 Speak Up for Better Health

    If you know someone who is using their voices to make the health system more just and equitable, nominate them today at >>
  • Upcoming PFCC.Connect Conversation September 15, 2021 Noon ET

    With cases of COVID skyrocketing, health care workers, patients, families, and communities are bracing for a difficult fall. What can patient- and family-centered care principles offer as an approach to heal divisions and rebuild partnerships? How can respect and dignity for all, useful affirming information sharing, and support for meaningful participation and collaboration help us be resilient at this time?  Come join us!
  • Join IPFCC for Our Next PFCC.Connect Convo - July 29th

    PFCC.Connect Conversation July 29th Noon ET:  Moving Toward Family Presence across Health Care Settings: Supporting the Front-line Workers

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  • Free Webinar - June 24th

    Patient and Family-Centered Care and Research Partnerships during COVID-19 Webinar

    June 24th ET, 12-1 pm via Zoom

    Learn how partnerships were strengthened during COVID-19 in the research arena.
  • Patient & Caregiver Input Opportunity

    Testing the What Matters to Me Workbook

    Dr. Erik Fromme, Ariadne Labs faculty, and Palliative Care Physician at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, is recruiting a diverse group of patients and caregivers to test their new What Matters to Me Workbook. ( They are looking for adults (18+) who are living with a serious illness and have a caregiver (family member, friend, health care proxy) interested in participating with them. If they do not have someone like that, but would be willing to try having a conversation with one of their health professionals (doctor, social worker, nurse, etc.), that is also acceptable.

    If you know of a patient who might be eligible and interested per the study criteria, please reach out to Nora at for more information.
  • Webinar April 15th: CARE_PATH for Kids

    CARE_PATH for Kids: A Family-Centered Approach to Shared Plans of Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs
    April 15, 2021, 11 am to 12 pm PST

    Learn more and register:
  • “Where Do We Go From Here?” Tuesday, April 6th, noon ET

    This is the 8th and final conversation in a series funded by a grant from the New York State Health Foundation. As you look back on living with COVID-19 for over a year, what insights have you gained? Were there high points in the year you wish to share and celebrate? It has been challenging and stressful for many of us. What have you or others done to strengthen individual and organizational resilience? What support and information in sustaining effective partnerships are still needed? How can we continue to learn together and support the core concepts of patient- and family-centered care?
    Join us to identify ways that the PFCC.Connect learning community can continue to advance PFCC now and post-pandemic. These informal conversations are participatory in nature, building on the experience and strengths of those who join the call. The discussion is guided by what participants want to learn more about and through sharing our collective experiences.
  • A COVID Year in Review: What We’ve Learned About Partnerships Across the Continuum Thursday, Mar 11,

    This last year has been unlike any other as the pandemic has taken its toll across the globe. Despite the challenges, many healthcare organizations have renewed their commitment to patient- and family-centered care. Join this webinar to review the power of partnerships and how patient and family advisors have stayed connected to help promote safety, quality and resiliency. Emerging best practices and new tools will be shared, including IPFCC’s resource, “Family Presence During A Pandemic: Guidance for Decision-Making.”

    This free webinar is made possible by the support of the New York State Health Foundation.


    Webinar Objectives:

    • Explore ways that organizations have strengthened partnerships with patient, resident, and family advisors (PFAs) in the midst of a pandemic;
    • Learn how PFAs have influenced policy, programs, and services to help address the challenges of COVID to improve safety and quality;
    • Review three new tools for “revisiting” recent restrictions on family presence in health care settings and learn how to use them with a collaborative decision-making team, including patient and family advisors;
    • Reflect on the partnership lessons learned in the last year and identify emerging best practices that move us forward together to ensure a safe, equitable, and bright future for all


  • Free Webinar on OpenNotes in Pediarics and With Adolescentss

    OpenNotes is hosting a free webinar on OpenNotes in Pediatrics and with Adolescents. The webinar is Feb. 18, 12-1pm EST. A companion office hours session, which is Q&A only, will take place on Feb. 23, 12-1pm EST. The expert presenters for these sessions are Dr. Fabienne Bourgeois from Boston Children's Hospital and Dr. Cynthia Kuelbs from Rady Children's Hospital.

    More information and registration can be found here:
  • Mark Your Calendars - Final Free COVID Webinar on Best Practices

    Webinar on March 11th noon ET: A COVID Year in Review: What We’ve Learned About Partnerships Across the Continuum
  • Upcoming PFCC.Connect Informal Conversation

    PFCC.Connect Conversation February 9th Noon ET: The Evolution of Patient and Family Advisory Councils During the Time of COVID
  • New COVID Webinar Recording- Behavioral Health Available

    Addressing Behavioral Health Needs in the Time of COVID: Building Partnerships and Resiliency (January 21, 2021)

  • PFCC.Connect Conversation on December 15th

    Join us for a PFCC.Connect Continuing Conversation on COVID-19: PFCC Partnerships: Continuing Care Communities – Best Practice for Supporting Elders to Thrive in the time of COVID

  • Webinar Recording on COVID and Long Term Care Now Available

    Learn how others have responded to COVID challenges in Long Term Care by accessing all the materials from the webinar.
  • PFCC Partnerships: Ambulatory Surgery Amid COVID – Best Practices for Safety and Care

    Join us on Tuesday, October 27th at noon ET for informal conversation.